Economic impact of new condos



The residential construction industry is a major economic engine in the regional, provincial and federal economy, and is an essential part of the economic strength and prosperity of the GTA. Here’s why:

Each new condominium project creates up to 500 jobs for GTA residents working in construction and related fields. According to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, the residential construction industry in the GTA created more than 177,500 new jobs just last year, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

These jobs include bricklayers, plumbers and electricians, as well as architects, planners and lawyers.

Next time you find yourself in a waiting room or on a train, take a look around you. It is quite likely that at least one of the people sitting beside you or across from you is employed by the building and development industry.

These are quality, well-paying jobs that in 2013 produced approximately $9.7 billion in wages. These wages later show up as purchases of food, clothing and others goods, which means they are pumped right back into the local economy, supporting other industries and businesses.

Next time you see a construction crane on your way to work, don’t look at it as just a home for 200 families. Think of it as a source of employment for thousands of GTA residents who build our cities and drive our economy.

To celebrate the economic impact of new condominiums, BILD asked our friends at the Toronto Star to put together a short 15-second video. We’d love it if you give it a thumbs up, tweet it out, Facebook it and share across your social network to help spread awareness about the benefits of new development.

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Canadians struggle to afford a new home



A recent column in the Globe and Mail has elevated debate on the effectiveness of “smart growth” policies, highlighting the eroding abilities of millennials to afford a new home in Canada due to rising prices. Read More

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BILD Hall of Fame Inductee: Metrus Development’s Fraser Nelson



Professional engineer and industry titan, Fraser Nelson of Metrus Development, has been inducted into the BILD Hall of Fame.
Read More

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BILD recognizes member champions at annual industry gathering



Three BILD members were recognized for their contribution to the industry and association at the annual Chair’s Dinner this week. Read More

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BILD Lifetime Achievement Award for Harold Shipp



Community builder, industry champion and a heartfelt philanthropist, the late Harold G. Shipp was named as the recipient of the prestigious BILD Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Chair’s Dinner this week. Read More

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BILD members victorious in 13 categories at The Nationals



It’s no secret that new-home buyers in the GTA get to choose from some of the best homes in the world, and our members’ recent performance at The Nationals further reinforces that fact. Read More

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New report outlines challenges to GTA housing market



A recent report released by TD Economics confirmed that the housing market in the GTA is challenged by rising prices, reduced choice and a growing need for new and upgraded essential infrastructure. Read More

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Strong new-home sales fuel job growth



Sales of new homes and condominiums in the GTA reached nearly 40,000 last year, creating thousands of new jobs and paving the way for job retention for years to come. Read More

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Job creation just one of the benefits of development



The building, development and professional renovation industry is a major economic engine of the GTA. We create hundreds of thousands of jobs each year in construction and related fields, paying out billions of dollars in wages – money that later shows up as purchases across the region and fuels other industries. Read More

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Markam lifts ban on food grinders



BILD member, InSinkErator, has put together a press release to inform the public about the City of Markham’s decision to overturn its long-standing ban on in-sink food waste disposers (commonly referred to as garburators). Read More

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